Monday, January 7, 2013

{A Glitter Crown}

This Pinterest Recipe is so worth the PIN! Simple. Delicious.
Spray pan w/ PAM
Crescent Roll bottom (Full Sheet kind, who knew?)
Sprinkle browned sausage
Sprinkle 2 cups of mozzarella cheese
mix together 6 eggs & 1 cup of milk
Pour over the top 
Bake 425? (Oops. . . cant remember!) About 25 minutes!
Amazing.Easy. (I love the word Sprinkle, btw)
On the same night that I was going all out. . . I browned bacon (I think its actually all that grease your after!) and added cabbage.  The Mr. loves cabbage. Me? Not so much, but it was a lovely thing to do. 
While at the church (for hours as I worked) before school started back, Lily
made a lovely crown.  She LOVES to get in the glitter (drives me nuts!). Now don't get me wrong. . .
I LOVE glitter.  It's just the cleaning it up that makes me want to shave my eyebrows off kind of crazy!  
But who could get upset with that little face? 
I am suddenly reminded of how Buddy was with me the all the time before he started school.
  My little fellow.
My little shadow.
Oh, K and 1st grade you have robbed me.
Speaking of Buddy. . . he is surviving without his front tooth.  So cute. Adorable. Adorable!  You can really see his battle wound in this picture.  A little scar from a fall on a Thomas Train Table. Crazy, really. 
Look who showed up tonight!
Oh how I love and adore dress-up and pretend!
(Pay no attention to the glass jars, dusting polish, 18 pairs of tights and such on my kitchen table) 
I recently bought vitamins for Buddy.  Have you ever shopped for vitamins? For children?
I was a tad overwhelmed. . . and who knew Flintstones were $16.99 a bottle.  Granted, it was a large 
bottle but surely my little store-brand bottle will do? Surely. 
I put out some old photos out last week. . . 
Look at my beautiful mom. 
Look at me and my sister Carla!
Um, I am guessing you know which is me. . .
A tad darker and a tad larger. . .
Yes. Yes, indeed.
Here we are again. . .I love my sweet little bunny overalls.  Of course, I don't remember a thing about either of these moments captured, but I love both my sisters dearly to this day.
(Look at those red socks!) 
My friend Rachel gave me this book for Christmas.
Very thoughtful.  Very much loved. 
I will share a bit with you today. . .

We create so much unnecessary hoopla in our own regularly scheduled programming.  We plan, we implement, and we work hard. . .and get frustrated when nothing comes out of it.  Desperate and empty, we finally look to Jesus as a last resort-because we don't recognize who He is.  And sometimes, really all He's asking is that we come join Him and take part in what He's prepared and created.  The rest will come.
So declutter your mind of plans, schedules, and "to-do" lists.  Instead, look out upon the waves, wiggle your toes in the sand, absorb the sights, smells, and sounds, and enjoy the moment for what it is-not what it means, not what lies ahead, nor how your arrived here.  There will be another time for that.  For now, just be  present with Him.

After all, in the best relationships, sometimes words are unnecessary.
( It is a good thing since The Mr. is a man of very few words)

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Katie said...

Loved this post! Love seeing your kiddos! Love the food! I'm so trying the casserole out this weekend! Miss you!