Saturday, January 12, 2013

{The Hunt! The Score!}

Sooo, my last post was a real cliff hanger. . . I know y'all were anxious to see loads of weekend excitement! Well, the above was the most absolute delight of my day.  We all piled on the couch and enjoyed! 
Thank you, Mrs. Emily for loaning them to me!
The Mr. went to the Polar Bear Plunge today to support Special Olympics.  I usually go watch "The Plunge" but I didn't this year.  I was super excited when he brought home a new white long sleeve t-shirt!
(Those are my favs!) 
Tonight I have been piddling around the house.  Moving "junk" here to there. . .and there to here. 
I found this Congress book over the holiday and I love it! 
I love old books.
This thick green one was my dads dictionary from grade school. 
The Girl Scout Handbook was my grandmas.  Treasure. 
I am breaking out some green for Spring.
(Jumping the gun a tad. . .) 
If I could find a set of these Spode Woodland dishes. . .my heart would stop beating!
I love them.  They cost as much as an organ.  (yes, I mean a body organ).
I want to find a neglected box of them tucked away in the corner somewhere at an antique store.
For cheap.  I am such a dreamer. 
All the glass is empty again. . .mmmm?
What can I dump in there?? 
Along with my Bible Study change for 2013, I am also hoping I can figure out some sort of way to
feed my antique problem, passion, love, habit,. . . desire.. . I am not sure what you call it.
All I know is my heart starts beating fast upon arrival of the antique stores. 
It's so much fun to me! The hunt! The score!
We'll see. . . 

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