Thursday, February 28, 2013

{A little Slice of Heaven @ Market Trace}

 We started out our week will Sweet Sis's Student of the Month Breakfast.
Buddy cleaned his plate!!
Which led The Mr. to say, "See Honey, these kids would eat a big breakfast. . ."
Bless his heart.  Moving on.
 We love-love Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Saxton.  
They are amazing!
 Lily requested a walk to her class. 
I love to look at all the hall decor.
Children's Art makes my heart skip a beat.
 Look who we found! Yes, you guessed it! Theodore Roosevelt.
 Much history going on in this hall.
 Look at that sweet girl (A Lily Creation)!! Complete with Piggies with bows!
Oh So Cute!
 In other news. . . I do believe I have found a new grocery store.
Harps @ Market Trace.  
The Bakery. Y'all the bakery has angels singing all around. 
The baker needs to put on a choir robe instead of an apron.
 I need to talk to The Lord about issuing him a halo.
They made these taco salad bowls, warm and fresh.
They were a flaky delight.
I also thought their meat was super tasty.  Perhaps the butcher needs a halo too.
I rallied everyone to the kitchen to put together our 
Heavenly Taco Salads and all was well with my soul.

All this talk of "history" and "soul". . .you must know the story behind one of my most favorite hymns.


Lobster Meets Peach said...

How sweet that Lily asked to be walked to class! Not sure B would ever let me do that;)

Brittney said...

What is this Harps at Market Trace you speak of? Those taco bowls look heavenly (and sinful! ha!)