Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{Hubby-Type Fun}

Aren't black berries gorgeous?  I think they are so pretty and remind me of all things good.
Tonight Clayton has took it upon himself to make chocolate covered strawberries a' top
of my already messy kitchen. . . 
but what do you say to a man in the kitchen that desires to cook. . . 
Absolutely, you can! Sure! Go ahead! Sounds great!
or all of the above.
Lily loves to have puppet shows/plays and tonight she has prepared a special show for her dad.
She has been gearing up since she got home school.  She has been preparing for weeks.
The Grandparents are even coming. 
 We all have prepaid for our tickets, and we have to sign at the door to get in.
The pine cones that were once gathered for bird feeders are now Pine cone People.
No need to buy balloons for The Mr.'s Birthday. . . after a visit to Dr. White today we are set.
I took the baby because I cant decide if he is sick or well??? Sounds strange because it is.  
Thankfully, he is more well than sick! No meds.  Just awaiting some blood test results. 
 I will keep you posted.
Have you searched for a card lately?
They do not fall short on the sappy. . . I just cant do corny, sappy cards.  I just cant.
This one is blank inside. . . and. . . well. . . its perfect.
Tomorrow is his special day, and we both are free birds!
I am excited!
A full day of hubby-type fun!
Talk soon!


Lobster Meets Peach said...

I feel that B and Lilly would be BBF's if only they lived closer:)

Katie said...

Love those pine cone puppets!