Friday, February 22, 2013


We have been having some ICY weather!  ICY and COLD.
Today was technically "Winter Break", but we also were out of school yesterday.
 I don't know all the details but apparently our schools were a little late coming out of the gate. . . and the roads were super slick before school had let out.  I think this bus below might have been the deciding factor to shut the bus routes down.  We had no accidents.  All the kids were safe and warm.  Some parents weren't warm they were HOT (as in "call the law" hot!)!  I am so laid back I barely have a pulse, and this situation didn't ruffle my feathers.  
Some other happenings around the house. . . 
Lily and Carson thought it would be fun to blow up balloons until they popped in their face!
Oh, it made me a nervous wreck just awaiting the POP! 
 I am so proud of my little Lily! She has been learning about
Theodore Roosevelt at school, and if you dressed up like him you could get bonus points.
She came up with this little outfit all on her own.  
She didn't even ask me for help!
Her outfit was complete with knee high socks and a construction paper mustache.
 Oh be still my heart.


Becky Ames said...

She looks way cute!!

Katie said...

O Lilly looks so cute! I love that you said you are so laid back you barley have a pulse, cracked me up and I often feel the same way about myself. Ha!

Brittney said...

LOVE sweet Lily's ensemble!

Lobster Meets Peach said...

Lilly looks great! B was General Shaw last year for school. B thought it was just to funny and giggled the whole day.

Happy to hear that all are safe and sound at your home. Have a great weekend!!!