Thursday, February 7, 2013

{Man Birthday Date}

  Ladies, do I know this man or what??!!
I took the kiddos to school. Came back home.
 I asked, "So, what do you want to do today, you want to go 4-wheeling?"
He says, "Well, I know you would probably rather go to eat and a movie. . "
(Who, me? Nah. Not at all.)
I love the outdoors, but. . . I am a tad finicky. . .I don't like being too cold. . .or too hot. 
I love to go 4-wheeling, but. . . when the trails are mile after mile my anxiety starts to kick in.
Like, are we ever going to arrive anywhere?  Is this trail to the ends of the earth?

But. . .I was just happy to be with him.  By the fire. Drinking Sweet Tea.

We took some chairs (my suggestion) so when I saw a pretty place. 
 We could stop. 
 And sit.
  And talk.
And enjoy.
This little stream was a nice spot.
We sit.
 We get sleepy.
We are funny.
I love the peaceful sound a stream makes.
To do: Enjoy God's Creation more. 
I am thankful for my husband and for the quietness of the day.
Quiet is good.  My husband is good.
The weather was perfect (not too hot- not too cold)
“Too many people seem to believe that silence was a void that needed to be filled, even if nothing important was said.”
“If conversation was the lyrics, laughter was the music, making time spent together a melody that could be replayed over and over without getting stale.”
(Y'all know about Mr. Sparks new movie, right?)

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Brittney said...

Looks like a perfect day!