Monday, April 22, 2013

{Jesus Loves You!}

Okay, first things first on this Monday morning. . . MY BANGS! They are finally growing out (so are my roots but who cares?!??)  I had no idea it would be like watching mold grow waiting for these things to be past my brows (that need waxed. . . everyday).
To those of you coming to my Bible Study I think I might have figured out something that might make me a tad jealous. . . husbands that like to take pictures. . . or even those that are willing to pretend.  Mine is neither. . . but he is a bundle of other good things so I wont allow myself to completely fall into that pit of sin. . .so instead of a picture of my husband gazing at me across the table (in complete adoration, no doubt) at Red Lobster I have a photo of a lantern.
  But I will say, I adore this lantern. So I am okay.
The Symphony was amazing. 
The Symphony seemed a tad proper for my taste.
You don't exactly snap photos at The Symphony. . . so this is intermission.
(You don't dig in your purse for a mint either. . .)
The Symphony sounds absolutely beautiful.  I thought of Heaven.  I really did. And if they would've been wearing white instead of black they really had a chance at being "angelic". 
Everyone should experience The Symphony at least once.
They Symphony ended at 9:35. . . and guess what started at 9:35 . . .

Safe Haven. (its at the Cheap Movie!  Run! Go!!)
We booked it there and made it just in time . . . to see it. . . again!!
This canoe scene is one of my most favs. . . not to mention he has an Old Town.  Dreamy.

As you saw on IG my frig is stocked for the week.  I made it 60 minutes today already!
Thank you Lord! AND I don't feel like I need to go to bed. Amazing.

My latest thing. . . monograms.
I want them on everything!
Anything!   I am fixing to be in full force monogram mode! Be ready!

Tonight is my last Bible Study night. . .it is also my sons 2nd ballgame! Is that not just a trip!
I am going to miss meeting with these ladies every Monday! I am so thankful I had the opportunity to lead and teach. . . what little bit I know!
I do know that Jesus loves me AND he loves you too!


Katie said...

Loved the weekend recap! I will miss seeing you on Mondays too but you taught me well :)

Brittney said...

So sad for our little study to end! It has been a great journey together!

Sherry Drennan said...

I just ordered a monogrammed ball cap for Monograms and More. Can't wait to pick it up!