Sunday, April 14, 2013


Tonight I explained to my kids the discipled and discipling process. . .

It all started when I was talking to Carson about how I might miss his first baseball game. (I might not . . . I have no clue what time it starts!)

I told him I have Bible Study.

Clayton proceeds to ask why do I need to do that if I work in the nursery???

I explained to them that it is what a Christian is called to do . . . Be in a constant state of discipling others and being discipled.

Lily chimes in and says, "So we should always be teaching and being taught."


It is my mission and hearts desire to raise kids that love and serve The Lord.

Even though it is hard to miss his game. . . I am trying to keep my eyes on eternity. . . in all aspects of my life.  Its not just baseball or sports that can change our eternal perspective!  Its anything! Anything at all!

 In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus tells us to go and make disciples   This was the last thing he said before He returned to Heaven. . . so. . .I am thinking. . . it is very important.

(Clayton serving on 2nd Street at our church)

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Katie said...

Tonia, THIS is amazing. I have no words but just love you to death!