Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{The Magical Transformation}

 Tuesday. . . I haven't taken the time to seek out the MIA Memory Card. . .so. . .
 you guessed it!
 I'll just keep the 
 2 weeks of Post-Spring-Break-Photos-Rolling. . .
 Things that are on my mind. . .
 I told my running partner this afternoon that I am giving my 2-week notice (I am smiling, but I am serious)!
I was temporarily insane to think that running in the winter was more of a challenge. . .this humidity has
got me digging my heals in the ground.  Misery.  Surely its not healthy for a person to stop breathing and feel faint? Surely??
 The Unglued Bible Study is winding down. . . only 2 weeks left! I am really going to miss it!
I have enjoyed leading it and I have learned much!  It have been a great experience and I am thankful.
 I am still a Couch-less Woman.  I am going through an identity crisis, I don't know if I am dark or light?
I have some inspiring photos to share, and that will clarify my issues. . . that hopefully aren't deep rooted!
 I am loving all the blooms and spring-weather!
 I envy girls who aren't afraid to cut their hair.  
 I am going to start putting together some end-of-the-year-teacher-gifts.
I am going to hate to see my kids lose their teachers this year! So so sad.  .  .
 We have ate dinner out 2 nights in a row. . . and. . . .2 nights in a row our orders have been wrong.
It makes everyone so happy! (yes.I.am.joking.) They are thrilled with ketchup instead of mustard!
Oh, green beans taste like baked beans!! Just close your eyes!! Taste the magical transformation!
That is all folks. . . 
Love, Tonia


Lobster Meets Peach said...

We have a ten year old slip-covered sofa from PB and I still love it! It is so comfy and easy to clean. Nothing was wrong with it I just wanted a "new" look after ten years so I ordered new covers during the PB sale. Just a thought;)

Brittney said...

I love your random thoughts! You are too funny!

Katie said...

I am with Brittney you crack me up! Love the beach pictures and love to know we aren't the only family eating out often ;)