Friday, May 10, 2013

{Lilys 10th Birthday Party}

I can't believe Lily is 10! I am frightened by how fast time goes by!! Lily has really started growing the end of this school year! She has grown taller and wears a 8! 
She is still a ball of fire. . . And I am still doing my best to be a Godly navigator! Everyday. Everyday. Boys and girls bring so much joy in much of the same ways but they differ in many ways too! Isn't Gods creation amazing?!?
Lilys loves ART! She loves to do crafts 
so I thought. . . Art Party!! I really love to have parties at the house but. . . Art. . . 15 girls. . . Lets have it at the church! I am so thankful we have such a large great space!
I set up 4 tables and the girls rotated to each station!
It was a great time!
These markers are really neat! They have a neon glow to them!
I was afraid the Colored Pencil table would be a bust but it was a fav I think!
The watercolor paintings were so cute! I think we have a lot of Duck Dynasty fans around here! It came out in their masterpieces!
Don't you love the smell of crayons!?!?
The markers looked cool on this fluorescent paper.
Of course I made a Sams run!
Here we are! All ready! 
More party photos to come!! 


Desiree Brazil said...

What a neat idea! Happy Birthday Lily!

Katie said...

How nice, great job!