Saturday, June 29, 2013

{Grounded in God Word vs. Ground Balls}

 Buddy's end of season baseball party always proves to be a great time!
 Our baseball team had a tad bit of trouble this year. . . we didn't practice much due to weather and such, but we were there to have fun, enjoy the weather, make friends, and get some exercise.
  Does that cover all the reasons to play sports? 
 A person would think so. . . but that just doesn't seem to be the priority any longer.
  These 5, 6, 7, 8 year old kids (younger even) are serious. 
 The demand is high.  
The expectations are high
.  And the kids. . . well, they are good.  Dang good.
 They practice all the time. 
 And if they aren't practicing they are playing. 
  And if they aren't playing with our team they are playing with another team.  
And if they aren't playing in our town they are playing in another town. 
7 days a week.
 I have come to the conclusion that there isn't a whole lot of room for a parent like myself.
  Yes, I want my children to succeed. 
 Yes, I want my children to play. 
 Yes, I want my children to play well. 
And I expect nothing but the best on the field. . .but I refuse to sell my soul to any sport.
AND I refuse to take a chance of risking my child's spiritual stability to advance in any sport.

  Some of my most recent insane thoughts have been. . . 
"Well, if they don't travel" or "Well, if she cant tumble" "Well if we don't do this or that". . .
they wont make it in high school. . . really, Tonia?
What does my Lord say about all this madness?
 (Because I have really had to have some Come to Jesus Meetings with myself!)
My LORD says I am not guaranteed tomorrow. 
I am not guaranteed tomorrow.
I am not guaranteed tomorrow.
I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I do know what helps me through today. . . and everyday.
My Faith.
 Sure who doesn't want a Tyler Wilson?
Oh, and how proud of him I am. . . but I also know a Momma that would give anything to be able to bring her son up from the ground.
 Just to have 60 seconds to say, It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
So I ask myself, "Tonia, what matters when it comes to this sports stuff?"
 Its my hearts desire for these kids the Lord has entrusted me (and The Mr.) to raise to not be "sold out" to anything but The Lord.  

Its my hearts desire for them to understand "win or loose" we are to be humble before The Lord and grateful for any opportunities we have. . . and thankful for the doors He opens and doors He shuts. 
  Even when it hurts.
His ways aren't our Ways. His plans aren't our plans.

Its my hearts desire for them to know the importance of church attendance and that staying in fellowship with other believers is critical to their Christian Walk.
Its my hearts desire that when friends, teachers, and professors teach them 
about anything other than the Biblical principals they have been raised to put their trust and faith in they 
Do you know what an amazing task that is? 
Huge. And the honest truth is . . . my time is ticking. 

 I am going to one-by-one release my babies into a world where a very different agenda will be pushed.
Outside the walls of our home the paintings look very different. 
Outside of this little town the paintings will look very different.
The way I see it. . . Being grounded in Gods Word is way more important than stopping ground balls.
Church is our choice. . . and everything else can fall into any kind-of order The Lord sees fit.


Ashhog said...

I hardly ever comment on blog posts bc its so hard from my phone but I had to on this one! This has been on my heart a lot lately and a thing I know this sport loving gal will struggle with! I am keeping this post for me to look back on in a couple of years when I am feeling the pull! Love your words and live your heart!

Becky Ames said...

I totally agree Tonia! This is coming from a competitive girl who LOVES sports! I want my kids to like sports & be good at them. I refuse to be that parent who puts my kid in every activity or sport. I want my kids to love The Lord more than sports & truly put Him first. Thank you Tonia!!

Mom2Three said...

I agree, we have discussed this a time or two together and you just put it all out there! Finding balance is what we have to find...when is it all too much... love this whole post! Thanks for sharing! :)

Teresa M. said...

LOVE this!

Katie said...

Oh Tonia, this speaks volumes to me. I can relate to " I have come to the conclusion that there isn't a whole lot of room for a parent like myself." Even on Luke's tiny tball team, tball for crying out loud! I can tell I am out of place and I felt it all season long. Some kids on his team were dang good and could tell practiced way more than we ever did. Thank you for this post, I am glad to hear I am not alone.

Shannon said...

Love you and love your heart!!! In fact, I'm crying! Our "sabbatical' from sports is coming to an end and I am praying and plotting to keep the focus on the important. It is so difficult....but you do it VERY well and are a true and dear inspiration to all of us!

Katie said...

I think this is one of the best posts I have ever read!! It is a very fine line. Especially when your kids do show talent and you want them to do well and they enjoy it. There has to be a balance and I think what you wrote was spot on. In the end it won't matter, some parents take it way to serious. It is fun and exciting but really what I want is exactly what you said.Love your honesty!!