Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{A Tooth Fairy Problem}

Ever since our kids started loosing teeth we have had A Tooth Fairy Problem. . 
I am not sure if she is tired, forgetful, or has no sense of direction?
Maybe all of the above?
BUT whatever the situation is she seems to skip over our house
for a night or two?  Sis was a little confused by her behavior. . .and by Day 2 was completely put out.
But by that afternoon she had made her Special Delivery. . .
I told Lily, although not always on time she is her most favorite customer to visit.
(Mission Accomplished)

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Katie said...

Awww haha! I don't think your are alone with tooth fairy problems. I still laugh when my husband tells the story of when the tooth fairy visted him and left two quarters and a carwash token! Ha!