Friday, October 18, 2013

{Made to Crave}

This past Monday we finished up our Made to Crave Bible Study.
  Remind me again why I did a Bible Study on food?
 No. . . I'm just joking. . . sorta.  
I like to think of myself as an encouraging person. . . but when the precious ladies started voicing their food issues. . .I didn't feel like a very good cheerleader (and I certainly don't look like one)!
  I do not binge or extremely over eat.
  Really I didn't feel like I had a "food issue" at all. . . until I started making the spiritual connection. 
(Yes you can think it. . .D-E-N-I-A-L. . . just don't say it).
So. . .  I found myself in that chapter. 
 Do I prayerfully consider everything I eat, and count the cost?
Do I crave God more than I crave food?  
Oh gee, I never thought of that. 
I just eat what I wanna.
Where I wanna.
How much I wanna.
Did I just say I didn't think I had a food problem? Bless my heart.
It is my hearts desire to pursue holiness.
What is the main ingredient a person needs in order to be successful in anyway? 
So, if I can discipline myself in all other aspects of my life, including my tongue, why should food be any different?
 I just NEVER thought of it. . . 
now to choose to pray instead of eating cupcake. . . I am not sure I am even there yet. . . but I am certain that "food discipline" is defiantly a key ingredient in my pursuit of being who God wants me to be.

See why this Bible Study was such a challenge?

Have you read this book?

(These photos are from #madetocrave on IG)

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