Friday, November 1, 2013

{Romney, a Witch, and The SWAT}

 We had a great time last night! The Mr. was working and I really missed him so.
  Clayton was Mitt Romney.
 He picked this mask himself, and had fun with it!
 I was so proud of him for just doing it!
 13 can bring out much shyness, insecurities, and a bunch of "should I" or "should I not".
  It was refreshing to see him just have fun with it!
 Look at Miss Lily! 
She was a lovely witch! She is just so fun and full of spirit!
 Before we left for the night she took all the candy we had, put it in a bowl on the porch for all the trick or treaters that would arrive while we were away. 
 She even made a sign that said, "Take one spooky treat"!
 She used special fonts.
She is my daughter.
 Look at this SWAT Team Member!
 Could he not fight some serious crime?
 I went to his party earlier in the day at school.
 When I arrived he said, "Thank you for coming Mommy, I love you."
Melt my heart a million times.
 Every year we are invited to The Carters and it is always a fun time.
Fun people everywhere and . . . the food. . . well, its unbelievable. 
Its pretty adorably decorated too. 
What you don't see is the over 10 crock pots full of food on the counter.
I couldn't leave this post without reminiscing about the Romneys.
  I know there is a reason they didn't win the election.
 Although, I have a hard time trying to figure out why. . .
 I know nothing surprises my Lord or catches him off guard so I find much comfort in that.

 But what really hits home with me at this moment is how she stood by her man.
I know sometimes people might not understand me. . . but I believe part of my job description is to support and look after The Mr. everyday and in every aspect.
Love & Care for him.
 Pray for protection over him.
And sometimes. . . speak up!
 Ann on motherhood. . . 
And I couldn't leave out how she stole the show on Jay Leno!
(Love that green Ann!)

Have a great weekend! Welcome November!

*Ann and I do not share the same faith, but I love her just the same.


Becky Ames said...

Love the costumes! They look way cute!

Katie said...

Cute costume and I really liked Mitt and his wife as well.