Saturday, November 9, 2013

{That One Sentence}

 Happy Saturday! 
I am typically not a Weekend Blogger, but this week has completely gotten away from me!  I was busy at the church and have been trying to soak in as much of this beautiful fall we are having as I can!
The most gorgeous tree I was able to find was over on Bell Road.  I drove by every chance I had, and then. . . POOF!. . .all the leaves were gone.  It was such a reminder to me that if you don't slow down and savor the beauty it will be gone quickly!

Today I am buzzing around the house.  I am packing away my Halloween and putting out a few little things for Thanksgiving.  I need to find some cloth napkins for my turkey napkin rings. . . sounds like a fun mission to me.  
I didn't act like I heard, but I did. . . this morning The Mr. said, "Clayton we need to help your mom get down Christmas."  Now I am married to the most lovely man, but words like such don't just flow from his mouth so freely.  Maybe because it was his idea because I haven't asked? Maybe because I am cleaning the house (his most favorite thing)?  Maybe he secretly loves 5 trees?  I am not sure, but it moved my soul to hear that one sentence.

 A little bit of Tory, monograms, Burt's Bees, and lovely soup!

Check out her blog!
She is an AR Girl!
I love her style! I love her hair!  I love her handbags!
She is adorable in every-way!
I hear she is a sweetheart too (very important!)

Have a great weekend!


Ashhog said...

Emily at The Sweetest Thing is my cousin! Im so happy you read her blog! She is a sweetheart! And she really is that gorgeous all the time! :)

Tonia Hobbs said...

Wow!!! THAT IS AMAZING! I thought she might be related to you!