Monday, December 2, 2013

{The Highlight}

 The highlight of my Thanksgiving was being with my kids. . . oh, how school robs them from me! 
 I love love having them all home under my feet.  And I enjoyed not having to pack lunches.  I know I am supposed to find great joy in packing lunches.  I can pray as I pack. . I can and should be grateful. . .and I am. . .but that might be one of my least favorite "mom chores".
 The kids have the best time when they are with their cousins! They are all growing up waaayyy too fast.
 I am not sure how I missed having a picture of Benny, but I will share some of him this week too.
The hot cocoa station was a hit!  
 Love my sisters!  Both of my sisters are teachers.  Deana is subbing in OK almost everyday.  She hasn't landed a job just yet, but she has only been out of school for a year.  Carla has hung up her teaching hat, and moved to real estate.  We all have it in our blood. . .
Clayton spent the night with these guys.  They went to see Catching Fire so that was a really good time for him.  
Talk more soon. . .

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