Friday, January 10, 2014

{Yes, its the New Year. . .}

 and I am still sharing my Christmas with you!  January came in roaring with cold and ice! It hasn't spared us much on the weather side but I hear some warmer temps are soon to arrive. 
 I honestly forgot to look back to see if I have shared about our Christmas but we did enjoy our family time and friends.   I am relishing this down time with my kids.  Since football season has been over we have been involved in ZERO activities.  Lily has tumbling for an hour on Thursdays but other than that it is quiet around here.  
Can I just say this is my first year to mess with this deco-mesh stuff.  It is fun!  It really adds alot too!  Makes up for the missed fluffing and lack of ornaments if that happens to be a problem.  This was my kitchen/dining room this year.  Next year I think I will move this motif to Carson's room and do something different.  Maybe.

Here is my short list of things on my 2014 agenda. . . in no particular order. . . these are just my present thoughts. . .
Date Nights with The Mr.  
Quiet Time (but with a scenic twist)
Lunch Dates with my Lady Friends
Praying with The Mr. 
Making a "Get Ready" table in my bedroom
Hang Pictures (Eek! Maybe.)
Reading with my Babies (yes. babies.)

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