Friday, February 7, 2014

{Yellow Cheery Flowers}

Good-bye January. . . Hello February!
At some point in January The Mr. and I found ourselves in an argument over a phone charger
 (Yes, you heard me. . .a phone charger!) and neither of us could just "get over it"!~

Long story short. . . I really found myself in the midst 
of the millions of marriage/parenting books 
I have read over the years in hopes of helping other people. . .  
I know the remedies. . . I just needed a swift reminder.. . for myself!
Priorities. . . God.  Husband.  Children.  Job/Hobbies/Etc.  
Easily typed and said. . . more of a challenge to accomplish. . .
Going deeper. . .
Praying for each other.
Praying together.
Date Nights.
 One thing I am very aware that I do is celebrate birthdays. . . especially the kids.  The Mr. ... not so much.
So, in hopes of celebrating him more, I threw him a lovely little dinner party.  Even decorated with yellow cheer and hanging lanterns (sorry I didn't light them for you).  I invited some of his closest friends from the 188th Fighter Wing, ordered him a lovely chocolate cake and casserole, and filled our home with laughter! 
Something we both need to do more together!
 The weather has been crisp and cold!
  As a matter of fact The Mr. is out now (11:30 PM) working the streets. 
 They are snow-covered and very slick.  
I am blogging, burning my Alpine Meadow Candle, and waiting for him to get home.
In addition to talking about my marriage and the weather, how about some amazing art work!
I finally framed Carson's Shark. 
 I am in love with it.  
I have a stack of art that I hope to frame this year.  
We'll see. . . I will keep you posted!
Why do I feel like frames have to match?

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Desiree Brazil said...

Our goal day to day is usually focusing on everything but our "Mr".
You know my struggles in my marriage. Recently I was talking with a dear friend of mine who has been married a lot longer then me and she gave me some advice that I have found to be amazing. That and God of course. I have been looking to him to help me love my husband as he does. To forgive my husband as he has. This has helped me so much but my friends advice... LOVE... She told me to shower him daily with unconditional love and attention. Even when I feel he doesn't deserve it. From the moment I wake up till the time I go to bed. Ask him what I can do for him that day. Text little "love" texts while he is gone and so on. I pray that the phone charger is all you are faced with but we all know that can't be true. I love the birthday party. And the shark is AWESOME!!!!
You are a godly woman, a wonderful wife, and amazing mother, and a great friend.

You are my angel. The sweetest woman I have ever known. You are the reason I gave my life to God. You have helped me through so much. I miss you like crazy.