Friday, October 3, 2014

{LICE will Change your Life.}

I have heard people say, "My kids have lice!" for years. . .and I just thought, "Bless Your Heart". . . until it happened to me. 


I am serious y'all. 
 You tell me your kid has lice, I will stop and pray for you, and offer to bring a meal.

Lice will change you.

It will change your life.  

It was the L-A-S-T week of school.

  I am on complete cruise control.

Ready for fun in the sun!

Just a typical morning. . . Buddy had told me two days before that his head was itching but he just got this cool new hair-do that required gel. 
 So I assumed his scalp was adjusting to the products.
I am fixing. . .wetting. . . gelling. . . brushing. . . and then. . . 
I am stopped dead in my tracks.
I noticed something moving. . . I will spare you the rest of the grizzly details.

I was like. . . WHAT THE HECK!!  (that's the Christian version).
This was all new to me.  I had never in my life!

 But now. . .
 I am a Lice Expert.

 I have a wealth of knowledge.
I am earned my title because, yes, I got lice myself. . .

(Are you itching your scalp yet? Its okay. . . its just part of the sick little creatures game.)

Now, let me just tell you.  
After my nervous breakdown.
 I bought the RID. 

I also should say if you have any friends that really love you, you will need them.
Because I had multiple victims in my home. . . I had to have help.
I owe them my life. I mean that.

 I took a trip to Walmart. . .the The Mr. went back. . .

 I do believe we spent $250 because you will turn into a crazed lunatic.  
But save yourself the money and just get GOLD LISTERINE and OLIVE OIL.
(and something good to drink. . .sweet tea is my thing)
 You will also need a serious light.  Sad but true.
You will need trash bags.
My house looked like I had body bags everywhere.
Honestly, what I didn't bag I threw away.  
 Oh my word. . . 
 Now, its just in my nature to turn everything into a party.
So, when I took Buddy on our first RID RUN we found this adorable Kermit.
He inspired me to download this song
 (which we think of lice every time we hear it now, but. . .)
Whenever it was time to comb Kermie sat and watched and we were movin' right along.
 It was pretty devastating for my kiddos so I really did my best to make many jokes and "lice blaster" comments!
 It helped. 
I guess.
I would put EVOO in Buddy's hair (and mine!) and "Cap HIM" for hours.
I honestly don't know if it helped but it made us feel better. 
 I bagged and froze our brushes at first.
But when I was assured we were rid of the bugs I was so angry and raged I threw the brushes in the
 Trust me, you wont want to take any chances.  
After what seemed like an eternity. . . we all had fresh, clean, bug free hair and home.
May we NEVER get lice again.

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Katie said...

I just caught up on your blog, your are so funny. I died laughing reading this because if this happened to me it would be the same reaction. I'm glad it's over and if they ever come my way I am totally going to pick your brain.