Friday, December 19, 2014

{Christmas in Clayton & Lily's Room}

 Each year I have bought Clayton a nutcracker so they come out in full
 force during the holidays.  These must be his favorites because he didn't put them all out.
He was a little miffed, but I buy Lily and Buddy one every year now too.  I was going to do
Santas, Snowmen, or angels. . . ya' know. . . mix it up for each of them.  BUT there is just nothing
like a nutcracker, so that's what I have started doing. 
 Lily's room is festive with her little pink tree.  
This little tree has seen its better days but we still dress her up.
 See has made yellow chains out of construction paper
 for the top of her
 bed.  Aren't chains made by kids the best?  I think so.
 I scored these LL Bean kids sleeping bags complete with pillow cases at a
thrift store a few years ago.  This pattern makes my heart skip a beat!
LOVE it!

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