Thursday, December 4, 2014

{Buddy turns 9!}

 Summer fun for this boy at his August birthday party!
The BIG 9!
 How about some football! This was his first year to play Pittbull Football in Greenwood, so he was all about it!
 We celebrated with our close friends and family.
Sams cupcakes. . . 
 a birthday must have
 for all parties.
 Swimming! Fun in the Sun!
 He wanted the BIG
 NERF gun and he was super excited to 
 open and find the DEMOLISHER! 
 Sweet Friends.
 Make a wish sweet boy
 and never stop
dreaming! Aim High!

Carson @ 9
Loves football.playing chess.wants to wear athletic clothes everyday to school. driving the 4 wheeler.  supreme pizza.  crazy cookie dough ice cream.  Harry Potter.  & of course NERF guns.

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