Tuesday, December 9, 2008

{Little Miss Fancy Nancy}

Hello, my friends. I am feeling better. Thank you, Lord. I so enjoyed the Tour of Homes . . . I am sorta' like S. in a hurry, so I will talk more about that later too!! Ahhhh!
Mr. Hobbs and I went to Target and did some shopping last night! We really enjoyed ourselves. I am so so thankful just to be able to buy things for my children. . . things that arent exactly needs!! You know what I mean? I had to hold myself back on the hard back childrens books. I am such a sucker for those!!! If they have a cute cover (which most of them do!) I want to buy them.

Although, my favorite find was Fancy Nancy Doll for Lily. My word, who could pass this lovely doll by?

Love, Tonia

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