Tuesday, January 20, 2009

{Good Parenting Stuff-Over there}

I am good! I have been very very productive at work today. Not alot of time to Blog. So sad. If you have time zip over to http://sahmissionary.blogspot.com/ and read her post for the day. She is much more informative than I could even begin to be today.

Love, Tonia

Have you sent that card to your childs Sunday School teacher yet?

Hug and kiss your kids today and ask them, "What is one thing that happened at school today that made you laugh?" Mine always have funny answers!


Shannon said...

Tonia, i can't even find your email address - but, thank you for the offer, but, Noah is still home with us. :( hopefully, we'll all be back up to speed tomorrow. Although evan still has a ways to go I'm afraid. :(

Tonia Hobbs said...

I am so so sorry! It is so hard on the stomach and the NERVES when the WHOLE family is down. I am lifting your family up today! God is with you.
Love, Tonia