Friday, April 17, 2009

{ Pillows 1-2-3}

This is our bedroom. It's still a work in progress. This is the room I am looking for a desk and some side tables. I am not sure if I want them to match/not match. I love the bed, but I just cant get happy with a pillow arrangement. I really cant decide if these are even the right pillows. So I will continue to tweak until I get the right feel.

I put "Big Moss" under a lamp. Lamp light is the best.

Love, Tonia


Sherry said...

I see what you mean w/ the pillows~ What about this...
Put each white sham side by side then put one green pillow centered in each white sham then the brown one in the middle. Does that make sense? Is that too symmetrical for you? Might try it and just see.

Tonia Hobbs said...

And just forget the greens? You may be on to something. . . I have been looking in magazines and I think I might need 2 Euro-shame size.