Friday, April 17, 2009

{S.D. Style}

Better? I really do think so! I just think these cream shams cream? Thank you!


Sherry said...

Looks good to could still put each green on top of each white...does that help tone down the cream for you? Also, The Secret Nook had a couple of desks/chests but not sure what you are looking for. One was pricey the other not too bad...may want to check it out.

paige said...

hi tonia!
i love your blog--i love your headboard especially! monograms are always a winner.
i also scooted over & read your post on hope in a jar. i've wanted some but haven't wanted to pony up the money. do you think it'll help with my sunspots & neck wrinkles? maybe take 5 lbs off me too! wink
glad i found ya!