Sunday, May 31, 2009

{I didnt know!}

Our grass is sad. . .kinda' like the shrubs I hacked up.

Hello Friends! How was church today? Did you serve in your nursery? I hope so! If you were at FBC you know that it was a CRAZY FUN TIME!!

After church I went out to Moms for lunch. On the way home I decided to run by the Antique Store to scout for a $1.00 magazine for my afternoon.

Let me warn you the rest of my story is pure bliss.

  • Ran into my sweet SD . . whom mentioned "sprinklers" . . . I just thought she meant to water grass, but now I think I really get it!

  • Found a $4 frame!

  • 2 magazines for $1!

  • Pulled in Maple Ridge and discovered the sweetest little lemonade stand!

  • Noticed they had sprinklers set up to water grass AND the kids were playing in it. . . Oh my goodness I bet that is what SD meant!!!

  • I said, wow, I wish we had a sprinkler . . . .

  • Clayton says, Mom we do. Dad bought one! (Mr. Hobbs you saved the day and aren't here to even know it!)

  • Seriously? I didn't know!

  • Yes!

  • You can picture the rest of my day!

Talk Later!

Be Sweet.

Love, Tonia


Sherry said...

Awwww, I love the photos! The ones of you w/ the kiddos are precious! Yes, we had one soppy mess in the back yard when I got home!

I loved seeing you! We must get together...I think we'd be good friends in Real Life. :0)

Just updated my blog w/ my treasures from this week. Have a great day tomorrow...I'm working!

Tonia Hobbs said...

So Funny! I think we would be good friends in Real Life too!!! I am not sure why I cant see when you make a new post. Is it because you are private?