Tuesday, June 2, 2009

{I tried, I failed}

What are these?
Nails in need of a manicure? Yes.
Hands needing lotion? Yes.
Big Hands? Yes.
Nails with brown paint? Yes.
They are also my hands which have endured much scrubbing this morning.
Lily and Carson both have iron beds.
My sweet friend NC came over and helped me paint Lily's.
Carson's bed has been waiting patiently. . . well, more like, lurking in the garage. So this morning I attempted it myself.
After much effort, I caved.
I couldn't get the paint sprayer to work to save my life!
I had to go through all the painful clean-up with no gratification.
I am going to go find something
to do
inside (because it is an oven outside!) that is
a sure thing . . . like laundry.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia
Thinking of you HG as you pack . . . that is probably as painful if not more than my morning.

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Shannon said...

Hey, Tonia!

We are about to start the Henry Huggins series here. I've heard great things about it. And, although not "classics" (they will be someday, I'm sure) we love anything by Max Lucado here. I have most of them if you would like me to bring them your way. Just great character building stuff. And, we continously read the Velveteen Rabbit here. So sweet and tender! And, just a fun one to read is the Tale of Despereaux with the tattered/torn pages. Classics: The Trumpet of the Swan, A Wrinkle in Time (I need to re-read that one first), Robinson Crusoe, The Call of the Wild, etc. He has several boxed series sets - but, I need to read them first to make sure....:)