Monday, June 15, 2009

{Wear a stylish Belt of Truth}

This morning as I was reading I was reminded about Satan's attacks.
It was actually concerning his attack on children.

You know how us "Moms" can really get stirred up when somebody "messes" with our babies . . . I realize that sometimes I get caught up in teachers, school, bullies, etc. and forget who my kids "REAL TRUE ENEMY" is. He is alive and present in their daily lives! SATAN!

Memories flooded me of when I was younger and would doubt my salvation, and looking back it was Satan trying to detour me. My prayer today is I will do my best to continue to train my kids to put on Gods Armor and do their best not to believe Satan's lies. . . because he is full of them. He is in constant thought and motion to destroy our minds, family, relationships, churches.

Pray with me over the summer. . .

  • Safety at church camps across our country

  • School safety (due to budget crunch several schools across the nation have lost school resource officers).

  • Churches. Your pastor. His family.

  • Tell Satan verbally (yell, if you want to!) "Get behind your family!"
  • Help to always think of God first in all things.

Talk Later.



Training. Training. Training.
Its all in the training!
It is NOT automatic!

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BeckyAnnAmes said...

That is good stuff Tonia! Thank you!