Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{Football & Friends}

This week has been full for us.
Clayton, my big 3rd grader, started "pad camp".
He has been really nervous, really excited, really happy to start something new. We have also been packing up my dear friend Elaine.
So bittersweet.
She is so happy to start a new chapter of her life, but it does involve moving to Indiana.

Last night "the moving party" stayed at our house. We had the best time. The ladies made her bouquet for today. She has the most beautiful purple dress to wear.

While the ladies did flowers, the guys did laundry. They were so fascinated by our washer and dryer it was very comical . . . they stood and watched for the longest time. Funny, for an ob-gyn guy who delivers babies for a livin'! That's him bent down as close as he can get! Says he's never seen anything like it. . . I figured he'd seen it all, and then some!

This morning Elaine, of course, made breakfast.
Have any of you ever had her cookin'?
Oh my.
Its wonderful.

Wanda (Nurse & Joe's Wife) and Elaine

Around the table starting with orange shirt ~ Joe (doc), Chapple (lawyer/happy groom), Elaine (teacher/happy bride), Mr. Hobbs & I, Rob (traveling the U.S.). What did Rob experience in AR? A black widow spider and loading a u-haul in the rain/sun/humidity. . .we may never see him again.

Best Wishes Elaine.
I love you.
Love, Tonia

P.S. I guess you guys can tell I have been going down memory lane again. . .I have more older pics to share later.


Mischelle Coston said...

Is Elaine absolutely delightful?!?! One of those people you just feel instantly comfortable with! Please give me details about her wedding/move. I've done a terrible job of keeping up w/ her lately.

Tonia Hobbs said...

Oh, do you know her? How did you meet her. I just love to hear because the way different people have met her is always facinating. Alot of the times people just met her a few times and felt like they knew her forever because of her personaility and spirit. I will be sure to fill you in!