Monday, October 19, 2009

{I am Glad}

Not feeling real "bloggy", I am busy with work. It's schedule time (Lord, help me) and budget time (Lord, help me some more), so I am slaving down here. LOL. Sorta. I have a big diet coke with a can on the side for refill.

What I know today for sure:
1. Glad I am reading that book on leadership.
2. Glad the chapter I read last night was about "attitude" before I attend Staff Meeting today.
3. Glad I have a window in my office. Glad I am alone so I can listen to my music really loud.
4. Glad I attempted to bake my neighbors a casserole. . . it didn't turn out. . . so I will try again.
5. Glad by next Friday I think my bangs will be the right length.
6. Glad that I live on the North side of town so I can drive by Ms. McConnell's tree everyday.
7. Glad I have Jesus in my heart (this should be number one).
8. Glad I am married to Mr. Hobbs.
9. Glad I have three good kids.
10. Glad for you in my life.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

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Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY what tree you are talking about. Dana