Monday, November 30, 2009

{Country Fields ~ Sweet Tea ~ Bro. Ronnie}

The day after Thanksgiving we headed out to Moms. Do you remember the weather? It was unbelievable warm. The sun beamed downed like a warm blanket. I took this white rocker
and nestled it in this field. Found me a Mason Jar and poured some of the best sweet tea

I have ever tasted. Heaven. I am certain it was a slice of Heaven.

I wanted to share something my pastor (your pastor, anyone who needs a pastor. . . ) told me a couple of weeks ago. This post seemed kind-of fitting. . .

I have had a little something bugging me for a bit. So I talked to him about it. (My buggy thing isn't near as important as his response, so don't worry).

This is what he told me. . .
"Tonia, I want you to talk about this less, and pray about it more."

Now, I know, it isn't the most profound statement ever made, and I am sure you all do this.
I am a "fixer". And, dang-it, there are just things I can't fix. Some things (most things) are so out of my reach, I am s-t-u-p-i-d for not immediately giving it to God. I go on some senseless rampage, like I am going to save the world! Please.

Anyways, the more I have thought about what he said, there are many (all and most) areas in my life that I need to apply this principle. You?

Thank you Lord, for a pastor that knows how to correct and encourage at the same time.


Sherry said...

Great advice, thanks for passing it along! Missing you!

Katie said...

I Miss Bro Ronnie more then you know. He is so wise and honest and loving. I miss you all really. People are not like some of the first baptist people around here. We are using First Baptist as a model of why we miss our church and what our current church could do better. I don't know how God is going to use this. Our associate pastor wants to sit down with us and find out ways to make our church better. I just want people to see Jesus change their life and then people like you (: change the world. You have done such a good job with the little ones and the nursery. I miss serving. I miss the order, cleaness, and sheparding. I don't want to complain but I compair everytihng to FBC. God is really working through the staff that is for sure and then the leadership trickles down and God is working through the people.

SheWolf said...

What awesome advice as I too want to fix everything and want everything to be just right...but as I have learned through the years--it never will be the way I want it to be. Why? Because what I want and what God wants aren't always the same thing!!