Monday, November 30, 2009

{$15 hat made by precious hands}

If you are looking for an "Etsy Gift" that's not from "Etsy" this little hat may be just the thing.
I assure you. . . you cant go wrong. For $15 you get a precious hat (ad your own flower, or she will make one) This flower I clipped on isn't the best, but this hat was just to "take home and try on" but needless to say she insisted on wearing it, so this little flower is what I had. It needs a BIG flower, or one made by her.

Now, enough about the hat, more about Mrs. Gina Scantling. She works at First Baptist, and is just one of the most precious people I know. She has a big heart. To have a hat made by her. . .it is super special!
I am having Lily one made in Bulldog colors for her stocking. Shhhhh.
Be a copy~cat! I think they would be so cute with a Bulldog Sweatshirt.
If you would like one, leave a comment. I will get you her ph #.
A $15 Sweet Deal

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