Sunday, November 1, 2009

{Other things on the mind}

  • Tara & Richie ~ good to see you at the Fall Festival. I hope the church excursion this morning was a good one. No home, like a church home.

  • Shannon Walker ~ i hope you all are feeling better real soon.

  • Shaina Meeker ~ Thank you for the pumpkin cake. . . it was a 1/2 . . . thanks to me. . . its much less.

  • Debbie Brown ~ You rock! Thank you for helping me.

  • Rachel Grigg ~ Enjoying so much getting to know you. How sweet you are~

  • Mandy Williams ~ Thank you for letting me know about Angie's cousin/nephew (?). I really appreciate it.

  • The Carter Family ~ You represent Hospitality. Thank you.

  • Heather Goodwin ~ good to spend time with you. . . roots, we have them. (I am not talking about hair).

  • Melissa Wilson ~ Thank you for picking up my kids . . . everyday. . . almost!

  • Shanna Fox ~ Thank you for all the funny text. . . sometimes I need them, when I am, well, you know.

  • Dana Reeves ~ I am missing you. Get well soon.
  • Addison Road ~ Thanks for that "Hope Now" song. Hope. . .

more. much more. friends. thank you.

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SheWolf said...

Church was good! Weston, Kylie, and I went and scoped it out and the "Wolf boys" stayed in, but they will be joining us next week! Thanks for the laugh and your "uniqueness"! :)