Sunday, November 1, 2009

{Whew, we made it. . .long, fun day}

Did you have a nice Halloween? The Hobbs Halloween was a veerrryyy full day. We started on the soccer fields at 8:30 am and were still going strong at 8:30 pm.
Halloween was really nice this year for me because Mr Hobbs was off work (I think he has worked the last 2), and we enjoyed friends.
After football we went to eat with the Goodwin's at Catfish Hole (Is that right?). I wasn't expecting such a nice building. It is a really neat place. Complete with romantic bathrooms (kinda' dark in there). Really good food. It gets an A+ from me.

I lined up the kiddos outside after dinner. As you can see Lily isn't happy. Clayton stepped on her finger with his cleats. Ouch. Poor little thing. Bless her sweet little heart.
After lunch (which next year I will know to SKIP LUNCH). We headed home, for a bit, and headed to Paul & Linda Carters House. They are so, so kind to invite our family every year. Since Brad was off I told him I would love to stop-by. We ended up staying for quite some time. Such a sweet family. All of them. Sweet as Sugar. Wonderful. Family. Very Family. Even if you are not family, you are still part of the Carter Family. So if you need a family, look them up. I bet they are in the phone book. They will just take you in, as their own.

Massive, Massive spread of food. Enough said.

My Little Baseball Player.
Hannah Montana & Miss Bakerella
The Crew

Mr. Hobbs & Little Chef
Little Chef enjoying Mrs. Linda's Food.
After the Carter's we headed to our church carnival.
Good Times. Brett Short Life Group
Life IS really spooky without Jesus! Cute shirts.
And last but not least. . . Trick-r-Treating. . . Forrest Hills.
We ran in to alot of friends. We even saw Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood! Isn't that great!!
"My Friends" son, Mr. Dace. Cutie Pie.
Takin' a ride.

Plenty O' Candy. Plenty O' Candy for long time.
Time to sit down, and start eating!

Happy Halloween!
The End.
P.S. If you are spooked, get to know Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo hate that we missed all of that!!! Next year.....

Shannon said...

sorry, anonymous is me! hate it when I do that!

Tonia Hobbs said...

We missed you! I always LOVE to see the black cad roll up, wherever I am !

Katie said...

I miss living in a town that everyone knows people and cares for each other. I know it has its faults but it is neat. It is not like that here. We have friends in the neighborhood and from church but everyone is busy doing there own thing. There was only one get together in my neighborhood a nice lady but consisted of beer and adults drinking with tables and candy for the kids?? We even had dads walking around with coolers full of beer with their kids. They do this every year, so annoying. I miss small towns.