Tuesday, December 22, 2009

{Remind of those vows again?}

I really can't think of anything much better than pj's, m&m bingo, and Junie B. Jones, and we all
look like life is just wonderful, but it wasn't the best day for me. . . this was a breakfast, meaning things went south before 8 am ~ so you know that is never good.

I got so mad at Mr. Hobbs that morning. . . I will spare you ~ . I am sure you never feel that way? Anyways, to make matters worse there was apparently a child in Lily's class that "doesn't celebrate" Christmas. Lily was so burdened by this and had a million questions for me. . . and I was already on the brink of a breakdown. . .

Anyways, I just peered at his little seat . . . heart broken. I weeped. Yep, right there at the party. I was silent about it. Thank The Good Lord above. I grabbed some tissue and just plugged the ducts because the tears would not stop. . .

Me, Sis, Swollen Eyes, and FAKE SMILE!

Mr. Not My Favorite. . . at that moment.
Two peas in a pod.
This made me smile inside.

Sis, you are precious.

Sweet little friend.

What is it?
Junie B.
Her favorite. She is claiming it~ Lily~ signed on the front cover. . . complete with a heart for the dot on the i.

So glad we were there. Some days it would just be easier to throw your hands up. . .but we can't. As parents we have to get past ourselves and move on.
Be Strong.
Press on.
3 Little People counting on me everyday.
Well, make that 4 people counting on me everyday.
I am always thankful. . . in "good times and bad" . . . for "better or worse" . . . "sickness and health". . .

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