Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{G-Low ~ Missing kiddos}

HELLO! I am working today like crazy. I had Mrs. Gina print me out all kiddos in nursery that have missed a month and I am going to try to call and check on them! In a church this size it can be easy to get a little lost, but we care so much, and try to let people know the best we can.

Mrs. Becky, I noticed sweet Piper was on my list! I knew I missed her but didn't realize it had been a month because I seen you on Wednesday! I hope to see you Wednesday. I hope Piper has a better time with us! And we hope to see you again on Sunday!

Well, I want to continue my G-low (funny, I hadn't heard that) conversation, but it will have to wait. BUT I did want to say as soon as I get enough courage I am taking the Kodak to Staff Meeting. You need to see what Ronnie eats for lunch. . . its only fair!

Love, Tonia

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Stacy Carter said...

Love your new blog!!! Did you do it?