Sunday, February 21, 2010

{Just lean it}

Its still a toss up where "lil' ole' mirror" will hang. I originally bought it for above my bed. Well, when I ever so gently leaned it up there. . .it needed something else. You know the old "one thing calls for another". I am trying to avoid that.

Option #2 is in between those lamps over there on the sofa table. I have high hopes of pictures going there, but in the meantime mirror could cozy up there.
Option #3 is the other bare naked wall above my dining table. . .

I have been seeing all sorts of blogs talk about "leaning" opposed to "hanging", so for now she is leaning in between the lamps in the living room. I will snap a photo and show ya' in a bit.
Still in the market for just the right "decor item" for above my bed. . .the right 1 item.
Talk Later.

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