Thursday, March 4, 2010

{HomeMade SweetNotes}

Tonight instead of cleaning my dreaded house (that I so humbly showed you in the last post), I sat down at the kitchen table with my babies (that aren't babies anymore), and small talked.
After baths, I rubbed their backs with lotion as we watched a little Animal Planet (Gods Creation is amazing), and then tucked them in one-by-one. Fast asleep they went. . . tired little bodies from school & sports.
Then I broke out my crayons and sharpie. I made these simple little "sweet notes" for their snacks or lunch at school.
I hope my words will be contagious and spread cheer.
I love them so. My kids. (my husband is a doll, too) I am blessed.
I will talkto you more tomorrow friends.
If I don't get some sleep. . .
I am not going to have a good attitude. . . and a good attitude is vital.
Love you all,


becky at abbeystyle said...

Hi Tonia,
Love the sweet notes! Your kids are sure to feel loved.

Sherry said...

Precious notes, you have inspired me! I'll get on that next week!

SheWolf said...

Awesome idea! You are a great Mommy!!

Tonia Hobbs said...

So glad you all enjoyed.
Just pick you up some index cards, flip em over, and sketch away!

Love you all.

Shannon said...

Love those! I've been using the ones you got me. Love them too!