Thursday, March 4, 2010

{Pink Eye ~ Black SRX ~ A big MESS}

This is my poor son. . .offering to help me take out the trash today. His brother always sports the chip clip when he takes out the trash, and Buddy is following in his footsteps.
We have been busy this week with work, pink-eye scare, stomach bug (one time disposal), and trying to buy a car. You know I have been living "double buckled" since Buddy was born. . . and he will be 5 in August (boo-hoo-hoo). . . so a third row has been a long time comin'.

I found three. . . of the 24 that were for sale within a 500 mile radius. . .
Car #1 In a remote field in-the-middle of God's country. 2004. Owned by a farmers mother-n-law that had passed. BUT $13,800.00!! But with no trade in on Mr Jeep we just couldn't do it.
Car #2 Called about it early in the morning. Couldn't get there until late afternoon. I pulled in, and someone was driving it off the lot! SOLD.
Car #3 I own it. It was "Grammy's", and I guess she traded it in. 2006. Low Miles. Good price.

In the meantime, my house has suffered the consequences.
I am not sure when it will improve. .

Every square inch of my kitchen counters are covered with. . . junk.
Maybe I can dig out tomorrow.
Love, Tonia


Stacy Carter said...

I feel better now because my house looks the same! I'm hoping this coffee will give me a jolt to clean!

gina said...

My house too! Wouldn't be a normal life if it wasn't busy and looked like this, I guess. (At least that is how I rationalize it to not go crazy.) And yea!! It always gets even worse over the weekend. Lots to look forward to on Mondays. Ha ha.

Your car buying adventure is scaring me. That should be us right now too - we need that 3rd seat badly. I'd better get going. Post pics of what you find and end up with.