Monday, April 26, 2010

{Good Monday to You}

Not much computer fun time for me this morning.
I have got to hit the ground running. . .

Bible (Talk to me God)

Make Bed (already done!)

Laundry (clean just gotta' fold)

Bath (Completely necessary!)

Work (Plan, Listen, Plan, Listen.)

Pick up Kids (Yikes!)

Snacks (A must.)

Baseball (Everything ready to throw on!)
Baths (Could be optional?)
Bed (At last. . . )
Oops. . . I forgot to put dinner in there somewhere. . . It could be a crock pot day. . . but I don't have anything to toss in.

Have a good day!
Time for me to get started!
Pictures from Mitch's Restaurant in CA~ Some of the best fish ever. Mmmm.

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