Thursday, April 29, 2010

{Rest & Relaxation? That is the Plan}

I am thinking I am extremely emotional today since that squirrel that lost his life in a tragic
way brought tears to my eyes (ya'll see it in the Westwood Drive?). And I am thinking I might be

out of sorts when I was on the phone with Mandi W. and she told me she was folding laundry and
I thought, "Oh no, now I feel like I need to be folding laundry too since we cant see our couch around here". . .
Minus a fun lunch date, and my usual fun with my 3 yr old class on Wednesday nights my week

has kinda' been a dud. Kinda' stressful. Sooo, I pledged to somehow relax today. My family can
only hope at some point I find cleaning the kitchen and laundry similar to a spa visit, because if not, I just cant do it.
I already brewed me some fresh sweet tea. I have my cozy pants on.

I might go to sleep.
I might not.
I might go antiquing.
I might not.
I might clean.
I might not.
I might watch a movie.
I might not.
All I know for sure is I am going to try to rest a little!
P.S. Pictures are at a restaurant we ate at on the way home from FL last year. I don't think I ever posted them? Isn't that fern amazing? I think so.


mom of 3 e's said...

Believe me, I wouldn't have been doing it if I didn't HAVE to!! have a great restful day :)

Stacy Carter said...

I saw the poor squirrel. It happens to the best of us. I ran over a whole family of skunks one night! Bad deal! Hope you had a rest full day.