Thursday, August 19, 2010

{2nd ~ 4th ~ Repeat ~ Fast Forward}

I realize now I didn't get the best
"first day of school photos", so we may
have "first day photos, again, on the second day".

Lily picked right back up where she left off last year. . .
near impossible to get-out-of-bed.
Up at last, hair-do complete.
Gathering our things, heading to the car. . .
A few shots in the Bright Morning Sun!
(which ya'll know they love)

1/2 way down the street.
No lunch.
Back to the house. . .
"Run in and grab it Clay!"
Sweet little color sheet waiting on Lily as she arrived.
Her teacher is adorable
Her room smells like cupcakes.
This guy has the cutest teacher in the 2-state-region.
Instead of talking about what he would learn. . .
we talked about what color she would be wearing.
Pink, we thought.
She was wearing a gorgeous shade of sky blue.
Funny, I know. But Clayton appreciates things like that. . .in a super cute way.
Plus, he had "belly cramps" and my crazy small talk seemed to help matters.
And for the little guy. . .
back to Mrs. Bakers.
He filed in like a complete professional. Not quite the same little skip
he had last year, but was excited. He said they read
The Little Engine Book. . .a classic. . . just like Mrs Baker herself.
Kindergarten will be here soon enough, so in the meantime enjoy
being on "repeat" because everything else is on "fast forward"
from here on out.

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