Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{Curtains ~ My Lovely ~ Pencils}

I have a couple of new window treatments, thank you to a sweet friend whom
has been so very generous to me. I tried to hang them on my own. . .it wasn't such a pretty sight, but I enlisted some help, and thanks to Spackle (my new best friend) all is well.
Thank you so much M. Williams for being so kind!

In other news, I officially miss my husband. I am ready for him to come home.
I listened to his police radio the other night. . .weird, but in some way comforting.
I found this lovely at the antique store. She is so divine.
"The First Day of School" is fast approaching. . .
I love the feeling of a "fresh start".
Do you know what I mean?
Freshly sharpened pencils.
The smell of crayons (and Scotch tape).
White crisp paper awaiting the writing of a little hand.
Homemade sandwiches cut like "dog ears".
Good things.

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