Sunday, August 1, 2010

{"Blanche" ~ 2 Services}

I hear "no more Blanche" for Kelly's Korner. Really sad, because I find things of that matter very good conversation. I spied this "Blanche" on a recent travel. I don't know about you, but I am thinking she is awful trendy.
Unfortunately due to my "funk" I have missed 2 weeks of church. . .
This morning I decided me and the kids would have "church" at home.
Our service included a quilt, Bibles, and my favorite hymnal.
Heavenly Highways????. . . is that it?
We sung, and sung some more.
Later, in the evening I overheard the kids telling their dad about it. . .
Clayton said, "Yeah, I think we had two services."
Okay, that is funny stuff.
P.S. I am feeling much better. I will be at work tomorrow. Thank you friends for food, sweet tea, calls, text, and magazines. I adore you all.

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