Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{Question for the Day WWJD?}

Have you ever?

Names and Circumstances have been change to protect all parties involved, but none the less, please respond.

Sally, Lisa, & Pam have plans on the calendar to eat meat-loaf on Tuesday.

Lisa & Sally~ " Hey Pam, we are having stir-fry on Saturday."

Pam ~ "Stir-fry on Saturday? I thought we were having meat-loaf on Tuesday?

Lisa & Sally~ "No Pam, we sent you a text to tell you we were having stir-fry on Saturday."

Okay, here's where it gets complicated. . .

The original plans were for meatloaf.

Pam didn't get any kinda' text about a change, and she is fo' sho' bout that.

Pam is also well aware of the fact that Lisa & Sally changed the plans and didn't tell her, but insinuated that it was her fault for not receiving the text. . . Also, keep in mind, incidents as such are fairly common occurrences.

Now that my friends is irritating.

I wonder WWJD?


Jesus was the most kind and compassionate person to EVER walk the face of the planet, but yet, he didn't allow people to walk all over Him. . . . which poses the question. . .

What Would Jesus Do?


Rachel said...

I love how you put this! Stand up for yourself friend :)

Tonia Hobbs said...

I am glad you commented. . .I have a feeling this may not be the end of this "meat loaf" story. . .