Saturday, September 25, 2010

{Bible Study}

Happy Saturday SEC-r's (SEC, Right?). The sound of refs, drums, and cheering crowds are barreling from my living room.

AR vs AL. . . this apparently is a big deal. You know what? Watching football on TV makes me sleepy. 7 to 7 was the last thing I remember. . . I fell in a dead sleep.
Anyways, my "job" keeps me hemmed up, so for me to get my "spiritual food", I must be creative and disciplined. I have had a mentor (life saver) for several years, stay in Gods Word, I listen to my pastors sermons on CD (typically by Tuesdays), and podcast myself. . . to death.
And now I am attempting to keep some sort of Bible Study momentum. I completed one during the summer (walked away feeling like a Spring Chicken. . . that's a good feeling in case you didn't get it).
Another one starts this coming week. Small Group. Leader mentioned putting it on fb. I cringed. Sooo, Blogger (I power Blogger, ya know?) here I come.
Don't know alot of details, because why? #1 I wasn't really listening (Shhh, dont tell). #2 It doesn't really matter to me. I am there to learn and grow (spiritually, of course. . .Please Lord, you can stop the physical growth anytime), so I will start listening when we crack open The Good Book.
So, if you are in this area.
Looking for some wholesome goodness.
e-mail me.
and join us.
God's Word at a lovely Bible Study.
P.S. Our leader has a "no fuss rule" (that's what I call it anyways). . . so no food or drinks are involved (Frightening, I know!). So ya' might wanna swing in the Sonic first.

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