Sunday, September 26, 2010

{Shopping makes me Sweat}

I don't really enjoy shopping. I cant help it. I am the type that will buy a "home good item" over "an outfit" any day. Sooo, irritating. Why, why, why do I do it to myself?
It's not normal, I know. Drives my husband nuts. Why? You guessed it. . . He constantly hears, "I don't have A THING to WEAR"!
I ventured out Saturday for a bit.
You know, I think I can do Sam's. No fancy bags, spotlights (you know the ones I am talking about ~ they make the floors look all shiny), or changing rooms. Changing rooms are where it all starts for me. . . the sweating. Anyways back to Sam's, I am not intimated to toss a couple of $9.98 cardigan sweaters in the basket with my rack of ribs and maxi pads.
And when it's all over, you leave with a cardboard box of all sorts of goodness.
Cheers to my 2 new Cardigans.
Hooray Me!

1 comment:

Mom2Three said...

Oh, so glad you found you some cardigan's!!! If that was one you had on today, super cute!! :)