Saturday, November 20, 2010


My week has been a little. . .hectic. The Mr. is having this done the day before Thanksgiving, (yeah, I know, I'll let ya' know how that works out for us) and we have been consumed with paperwork, blood work, and every other kind of work you can think of.
We are anticipating a great, speedy, and excellent recovery so Thanksgiving will still be
great, right?
In other news, I am not sayin' its better, but I'm just sayin' for $2 bucks. . . um, not bad.
And that would be why small-American-business-owners dislike Wal-mart, right?
We are loving our party favor that this sweet mom, Heather
gave my little sweet girl. Gotta love party favors, but actually this was more of a decoration that she was kind enough to give to her. Love kindness, right?
I had the privilege of playing dolls with this sweet mom Mandis,
little girl recently.
I adore Groovy Girls.
I adore her.
And we always have fun with the Johnson Crew, and
of course
these guys
are going to be unstoppable. Right, friend?
Talk later. . .off to Holiday Market, but not before a skating party.
I am tired already.
Do ya'll hate to "get ready"? Or am I the only one? Hair. . .makeup. . what to wear?
It pains me.
I am sounding kinda' cranky and ungrateful. Sorry.

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Rachel said...

I love how you titled this "Right" And I hope that your week get's less hectic, and I will be praying for your Mr. and you! Love you, and I will see you tomorrow :)