Monday, November 22, 2010

{Loyal like the dog on the porch.}

First of all, my family should have a "Reality TV Show".
It would be top-rated.
I am sure of it.
Second, when you are doing good. . . examine your heart,
and make sure your motives are pure.
Your words are kind.
Otherwise, save your time.
It doesn't mean anything.
Third, my life today, as I peck, is a miracle.
I am forever grateful to my God.
Fourth, I am looking forward to my Bible Study.
I am a train wreck with out it.Fifth, we our 2nd grade teacher.
Sixth, this boy, is as sweet a sugar.
Seventh, grown women should act like it.
Don't hurt peoples feelings.
Don't say hurtful things.
Last but not least, I am going to buy The Mr. a bell today so
all he'll have to do is "ring" when he needs anything after
his surgery.
I will be there.
that kind-of girl.
Loyal like the dog on the porch.


Katie said...

good advice Tonia!

Jessica S. said...

Love this post Tonia. Good stuff.

Stacy Carter said...

Tell Brad we will be praying for him this week. I will throw in some prayers for you too. Very hard to be the nurse! Let us know if you need anything.

meeksmiles33 said...

Loyal! Friend, you are loyal and I am so grateful for that. I love your post. Thank you for sharing!