Monday, November 29, 2010

{Shower Curtain ~ Pain Meds ~ Stringing it Up}

Good Morning Lovelies. I started out my day upset about missing my Bible Study. But when is Bible Study? Tomorrow. Not today. Oh no, wait, I really started out my day picking up trash. . . seems we have an unleashed precious pup in the hood.
Okay, lets see. . . I proceeded to check myself out of work and fix breakfast for The Mr., which he didn't really eat because why? His throat hurts.
Okay, so now. . . I am proceeding to fix lunch, which he may or may not eat because why? His head hurts. Bless his heart. In the mist of all my stew . . . I have been decorating. Decorating has brought joy, minus the fact I cant light up because why? It hurts The Mr. eyes. . .
Carry on. Seems I am not a good shower-curtain-shopper. We have lived here over a year. . . no shower curtain. Sooo, in celebration of my holiday guest, I've attemted to hunt for one. Target, Wal-Mart,,, Macy's, Dillards, TJ Maxx, Marshalls. . .
Back to Wal-Mart. . . I spied this orangey-lovely-sensation, but didnt pick it up, for I was uncertain. But after my jaunt to TJ Maxx, finding this lovely inspiration rug. . . Back to Wal-Mart.
for the purchase. I like the mix. I like the mix alot. And I do believe this could be
among the best shower curtains within the 2-state-region. . . why? Because I have looked.
My new pup. You know, I have decided I like the idea of having a dog.
I think they are the cutest, most adorable little creatures. And I have 3 of them in
my bathroom.
Locked away.
Needing no food or potty breaks
(or pain meds every 4 hours, for that matter).
I am just yet to have enough love in my heart
to own with a heart-beat. Sad.But.True Story.
(Yes, I do have friends that appreciate my honesty.)
He sure is lovely though.
Stringing them up . . .
at least it's holiday balls and not The Mr., Right?
Talk Later.
I have a feeling I will be back today. . .


Mom2Three said...

Love the orange shower curtain! Do show all your pretty Christmas decor please?!?! Is there anything the Mr. would like, to eat???

SheWolf said...

I laughed so hard at your post! Bless YOUR heart (and of course his too!)....hang in there girl! Love those ornaments you have!! Cute! Cute!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Well. . .he isnt picky about food, he just says his throat hurts! Oh geez.

meeksmiles33 said...

You are doing a great job! Your house looks amazing!!

Katie said...

I like the Orange curtain that is cute. I have had great luck at Target. I was just there and they had the cutest shower curtains. I like your dog statue too, I love those old dog statues. They are hard to find and can go for a lot on ebay. I love your H ornament, how neat!! I love your house, you have done a fab. job. Hope your husband gets to feeling better.

Rachel said...

My day has been incomplete without a blog post from you in 2 days! This must be a record!

Jessica S. said...

LOL! love this post! HILARIOUS!!! =)